I’m a pretty big Toronto Blue Jays fan. So once the season started I wanted to build a webpage to show off their stats. This is how this page was born. A simple, clean way to show The Jays’ current record. The site autoreloads so that it can be put on a display and left on 24/7 without having to reset to update to the latest record.

Originally built to showcase the Blue Jays’ record, I soon realized that it would be just as easy to showcase any MLB team. So I made some modifications and there you have it. Just add “?team=Your Team Name Here” to the end of the url to see your favourite team’s current record (The Pirates for example).

Viewing it on a cellphone? How about giving it a shake to see a random team! Save the page to your homescreen for an even better viewing experience.

I’d love to make this a tutorial but the MLB hasn’t officially released their API to the public so I’ll leave it to your detective skills to figure out the stats aspect of this (pro-tip: use the “Network” tab in your Chrome inspector and filter by XHR while on mlb.com).