One of the first client sites that I started using a new strategy for homepages. Where most of our client sites require homepages with many panels on them (some with static content others with dynamic content like posts).

I realized the best way to make life easier when it comes to content editing/panel order is to use a custom post type here. So now every panel is simply a post with some custom fields defined (background color or image etc). Using the loop on the frontpage I then use a template file to output the panels as required.

This makes it easy to target specific panels if there needs to be something dynamic or a feature that goes beyond what the simple Wysiwyg editor provides (like the random background image of the first panel)

Using a counter and some math allowed for a nicer layout of posts and listings rather than just side-by-side or stacked

Screenshot 2016-01-25 at 10.22.07 AM

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