Here is an exciting new project! is a little pet project I have been working on that solves one simple problem my wife and I have. “What should we watch tonight”.

We love TV and Movies but more often than not we have a hard time finding new shows or movies to watch. In an age of streaming content it is all to easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of content that is out there.

With this site I use The Movie DB API to find a random movie (or TV Show) then allow for easily finding another movie that is similar or a different random pick.

The Smouldr was designed to work great on a phone, using Bootstrap for great responsive layout and Ajax to load content quickly.

I’ve also built the site as a Web App so that it can be saved to your phone’s desktop and opened without the native web browser (iOS tested for now).

So give it a shot at find a new exciting movie to watch tonight!