I am a full stack developer in Toronto, ON. I love building fun and exciting projects for the web and beyond. Have a great idea? Let’s have a coffee and collaborate on something!

Check out some of my work here!

Brief Resume

Lead Developer – artifakt Communications (2013 – 2017)

  • WordPress Theme Development – we make 100% custom themes for our clients, they are responsive and designed to be easy for our clients to use after completion of the project
  • Plugin Development – I’ve created a handful of custom plugins that we utilize on many of our clients sites to handle everything from Google Maps, Iframes, Twitter and even Weather updates
  • Version Control – before I came on board the “version control” was none existent. I pushed for the use of Git and we now use it for everyone of our projects. It keeps things safe and our work flow consistent

Software Developer – Vertical Scope Inc (2012 -2013)

  • WordPress Theme Development – I took care of the theme development of some of their largest products, taking a templated HTML document and turning it into a complete WordPress theme.
  • CMS Migration – many of the sites needed to be moved from a different CMS to WordPress (Drupal, Moveable Type, vBulletin, RedDot). I did not handle the db migration but I was responsible for custom work that was required for each project. Creating custom post types/template structure and custom meta fields were often required to make the lives of the editors easier when adjusting to the new format
  • Unique Challenges – every job has them. This one had a few. Combining WordPress/vBulletin as one fluid site was a challenge for a handful of our projects. Even more unique was combining two WordPress site’s as one and intergrating both rss feeds into one

My Tool Belt

  • WordPress – I think it’s pretty clear that I love working with WordPress. I know the codex like the back of my hand and have three plugins in the repository.
  • PHP – My language of choice due thanks in part to my love of WordPress.
  • Javascript – including but not limited to jQuery, I have grown to love the abilities of Javascript and am quickly becoming more and more fluent with it.
  • HTML(5) – I wouldn’t be much of a web developer without.
  • CSS(3) – Along with HTML5 I enjoy building Mobile first websites that are clean, crisp and easy to use
  • Git/SVN – I am a firm believer in version control. I am stronger with Git but have experience with SVN as well (thanks to the WordPress Repository)
  • Command Line – I do all of my work with it. Though I wouldn’t say I’m a master quite yet (it can get pretty intense) I know enough to do everything I need to do in order to build awesome websites
  • Google – ok this one is sort of a joke but I am always surprised when I get question from a friend or family member (or even a client) in which the answer is a quick search on Google away. LMGTFY

I love to learn new things and am always on the look out for ways to improve my skills, from new challenges or fresh outlooks on old ones. The beauty of the web is that nothing is permanent any more, everything can be updated/improved.